Environmental Benefits

Turf that’s kind to the environment

Reduce Pollution

Improved turf varieties like our Palmetto and Sapphire Buffalo grasses naturally reduce pollution. Turf traps and removes dust and dirt from the air. 250 square metres of lawn absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases enough oxygen for a family of 4 to breathe.

Natural Air Conditioner

Did you know that turf is a natural air conditioner? On a hot Summer’s day, lawns are 20 degrees cooler than asphalt and 10 degrees cooler than bare soil. The amazing cooling effect of irrigated turf means you’ll spend less money (and use fewer fossil fuels) on air conditioning. And remarkably, when turf is watered it efficiently and effectively uses almost every drop.

Natural Filtering

Runoff water in urban areas carries a host of pollutants. The grasses in our turfs act as a natural filter, reducing pollution by purifying the water passing through its root zone.

Soil Erosion

A healthy, well-maintained lawn absorbs rainfall 6 times more effectively than a wheat field and 4 times better than a hay field. A turfed lawn naturally absorbs greater amounts of rain than a seeded lawn – even after three years of growth! Our turf varieties are the most cost-effective method for controlling wind and water erosion.

To get a great lawn growing, that’s good for both you and the environment, contact Mardi Park Turf today.