Get a great lawn growing

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Get a great lawn growing

Mardi Park Turf have been growing beautiful lawns for since 1983. Our family owned and operated business prides itself on creating the perfect lawn for your family. A well-maintained lawn enhances your curb appeal and can increase the value of your home by up to 15%. Not only does turf give you a natural, comfortable and safe lawn for family fun and games, it’s also good for the environment. By getting a great lawn growing, you are helping to create oxygen and cool the air, control pollution and reduce soil erosion, and purifying and replenishing water supplies.

To get a great lawn growing, that’s good for both you and the environment, contact Mardi Park Turf today.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team are experts in turf varieties, soil preparation, and laying turf so you can rest easy knowing that you can get a great lawn growing with Mardi Park Turf.

Every yard is different, and each landscape is unique so we at Mardi Park Turf tailor each of our quotes to suit your space and your needs.

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Our Services

Turf Selection

We’ll help you choose the type of turf that’s right for your needs and your location.

Site Preparation

Does your yard need clearing or levelling? We can come in with an excavator and strip out the existing ground coverage and prepare your landscape for growing a great lawn.  Our machine hire is based on an hourly rate.


Our soil underlay is completely organic and has the right soil pH balance to get your beautiful lawn growing.


You can come and pick up your turf to get a great lawn growing. Our turf farm is only 5 minutes from Westfield Tuggerah.


We deliver to most locations on the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions. Contact us to see if we can deliver to you.

Laying turf

Not sure of the best way to roll out your turf? We’ll come in and lay your turf for you, taking your drainage, landscaping and environmental needs into consideration.