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Mardi Park Turf is a family owned and operated business, it was established by Chris and Tony Cornwell over 25 years ago, and is one of the longest operating turf farms on the Central Coast
of NSW. 

The satisfaction of creating beauty within the landscape can be rewarding for you and the environment. With turf, the rewards are practically immediate.

A well maintained lawn can enhance the "curb appeal" adding as much as 15% to the value of a home. 

Scientific research has documented the many benefits of turf to our environment. Our lawns, parks and open areas:

   • Provide a natural, comfortable, and safe setting

     for fun and games.

   • Releases oxygen and cools the air.

   • Controls pollution and reduce soil erosion.

   • Purify and replenish our water supply.

Pollution Control

Today's improved turf grass varieties such as Palmetto and Sapphire buffalo's are very effective in reducing pollution. Turf grass traps and removes dust and dirt from the air. 250 square metres of lawn absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.

Nature's Air Conditioner

Another benefit that everyone enjoys, usually without notice, is turf grass' tremendous cooling effect. On a hot summer day, lawns will be 20 degrees cooler than asphalt and 10 degrees cooler than bare soil. The cooling effect of irrigated turf reduces the amount of fuel that must be burned to provide the electricity which powers the air conditioners. Watered when the grass plant needs it, turf grass will very efficiently and effectively use almost every drop.

A Natural Filter

Runoff water in urban areas carries many pollutants. Turf grass acts as a natural filter, reducing pollution by purifying the water passing through its root zone.

Soil Erosion

The clean gentle strength of turf grass turf grass is the most cost-effective method for controlling wind and water erosion. A healthy lawn absorbs rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field and four times better than a hay field. A turfed lawn will absorb greater amounts of rain than a seeded lawn; even after three years of growth.

Services we offer

  • We offer wholesale pricing direct to the general public.
  • Pick up on our farm which is only 5 minutes from Westfield Tuggerah. We also offer delivery to almost anywhere, call us for a quote over the phone.
  • We can do as much or as little as you require, complete site preparation including Bobcat work, stripping existing ground coverage, levelling, organic soil underlay, lay roll and fertilise. Every yard is different so please contact us for a free quote or if you you like assistance in choosing a variety of turf to suit your lifestyle and the area you wish to turf.
  • Bobcat pricing is based on an hourly rate, the best way to get an idea on price is to call or email us and we can arrange a free quote for any or all of our services. Please see the Contact us page for all of our contact details.