Kikuyu Turf(Kai Kew You) Central Coast

  • Kikuyu is one of our most popular lawn varieties, this is mostly due to the fact that it is inexpensive to purchase. 
  • Kikuyu grows quickly and therefore repairs quickly, it has a great green colour during summer and good colour during winter if watered and fertilised on time. Kikuyu does require at least 5 hours of direct sunlight to grow. 
  • Lawn mowing frequencies will be much higher for Kikuyu than any other turf variety, requiring lawn mowing at least every week in summer. If left too long in between mowing it will look unpleasing to the eye when mowed back to the desired height, until it grows leaf again. It can require de-thatching or top dressing more frequently than other turf varieties. Kikuyu grass can also be highly invasive of surrounding garden beds if not well maintained.
  • Kikuyu does require adequate watering all year round, it is not drought tolerant and will need watering via a sprinkler if there is little or no rainfall.
  • Please give us a call in the office 0243532947 to discuss which turf/lawn variety will suit you and the area in which you would like to install the turf.